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Chef recipe file

Chef recipe file

Name: Chef recipe file

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Use the file resource to manage files directly on a node. Note. Use the cookbook_file resource to copy a file from a cookbook's /files directory. Use the template. Use the cookbook_file resource to manage files that are added to nodes based on files that are located in the /files directory in a cookbook. Use the file resource . A cookbook_file resource block manages files by using files that exist within a cookbook's /files directory. For example, to write the home page for an Apache.

For example, it's useful to know how to check the syntax of a Ruby file, such as the contents of a cookbook named $ ruby -c my_cookbook_file. A recipe is a file that contains Chef code. Using your favorite text editor, create the recipe file to match Example This file can be anywhere—no. In your Chef workstation, Create a new file under the ~/chef-repo/cookbooks/ lamp_stack/recipes directory called This will contain all.

Helps you replace text and lines in files from Chef recipes. - jenssegers/chef- patch. file '/path/foo' do action:delete only_if { '/path/foo' } end. This main collection of Chef recipes will set everything up on your our docs, then use the above as an example for the recipe file. If your node is not under complete Chef control, it might be necessary to trigger commands when Chef changes a file. For example, you might want to restart.


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